Workout is one of the most important things an individual can do for its health. Exercising daily can help you control your belly fat, appetite, improve your sleep and can boost your energy levels. It helps you in reducing your risk of getting heart attacks, stroke, diabetes and many more diseases.

Why is a workout necessary for women over 50?

Whether you are a grownup or an adult working out is necessary to maintain your health or you’ll be counted as an unhealthy person. You were physically much more active when you were young. This is because you used to play daily but as soon as you start to get old you lose your interest towards getting fit, if you are thinking of getting in shape, now is a great time to start. Getting fit and staying in shape is just as important for women over 50 as it is for younger people.

A physical activity helps maintain a healthy blood pressure, improves blood sugar levels, provides power to bones and helps to keep depression away. In addition a regular workout can help you make your sex life better and can provide you with a longer life. Many women over 50 hesitate to workout because they are unfamiliar with the type of exercise they are going to perform at the gym. Even though the exercise they are going to perform is effective and safe and they are not aware of or are not sure how much exercise they need to do.

Women that work in offices spend most of their time sitting. Here’s the good news is any type of movement is better than just sitting ideally, so there is nothing wrong with starting small and working your way to a longer workout. You should have set your short term goals and eventually they will lead you to long term goals. Your goals should be no less than 2 hours.

What are the best workouts for women over 50?

There are numerous types of exercises that suit women over 50, Experts categorise workout into different categories and how the physical activity benefits you.

Aerobics Exercise
Strength training
Stretching exercises
Balance exercises

Aerobics Exercise – Aerobics exercise is also known as cardio exercise, Aerobics is related to increased heart rate. Activities like walking, cycling, swimming and dancing, if done at sufficient intensity burns fat, improves your mood and lower blood sugar level. The main focus of cardio is on your heart and lungs.

Strength training – Strength exercise training is often sometimes known as resistance training, and can be performed two or three times a week. Workouts performed on resistance machines can help maintain or build muscle mass and strength. Strength exercise provides strong and powerful bones, lowers blood sugar levels and improves body balance.
Squats, lunges and push-ups basically come under strength training exercise.

Stretching exercises – Stretching exercise keeps your muscles and veins flexible, keeps you in shape especially when you age, stretching can be performed everyday.

Balance exercises – Balance exercises have an effect on various systems of your body, it keeps you stay upright and oriented. It affects muscles and joints positively. There are great forms of balance exercise such as Tai Chi and Yoga, It keeps you younger and fit even in your 50’s.

Summarizing the above
The best exercise program will incorporate the best workouts possible. If you want to get daily motivation to stay fit as a senior in 50’s visit our website